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My name is Nikola Nolden and I am an Artist/Illustrator who is Art College trained.

I paint and draw commissions from photos (e.g. landscapes, portraits) whilst raising funds for charities. I also have a small selection of cards, prints and paintings available in my webshop (All sales of artwork are helping my chosen charities)

I still take on other Illustrative projects and commissions and have a grounded knowledge of various techniques used to produce artwork for Illustrative purposes and how to apply them accordingly. One of my main areas of study was Illustration combined with Graphic Design.

Although I have an illustrative background I have an interest in portraiture and knowledge of other creative areas too. I love being flexible, learning new techniques and ideas giving inspiration for my work.

I worked at a magazine publishers in London for a few years, working on various Illustrative projects, before taking a break  due to family commitments, and then decided to rekindle my art career full-time. 

Unfortunately, I had a Melanoma diagnosis in my foot nine years ago, and it was whilst recovering from surgery, I had the idea of connecting with charities to raise funds through my artwork. I then came accross the charity ReSurge Africa.

I wanted to give something back through my artwork to help. I was going through a difficult time and could only imagine what it must be like in poorer, under developed countries like Sierra Leone (one of the hospitals ReSurge Africa helps is based here).

I contacted Mr Odhran Shelley for help as he is Chairman of ReSurge Africa. He's based in Ireland, but also a consultant at the St.Andrews Centre, Broomfield Hospital. 

I became aware of ReSurge's inspiring work through Mr Shelley and occasionally get  updates, but they are on Facebook.  (visit for more info)

I plan to extend my gratitude for my care and give back to the NHS in Broomfield by donating artwork and cards in their shops.

I am lucky to still be supported by some of the most caring, professional medical teams with such advanced knowledge.

As with Resurge's aims, everyone needs access to the same level of care. We can learn from others, improve and share knowledge around the world. It benefits everyone. You never know when you might need it.

 My Mission

Celebrate your happiest memories whilst giving to others! 

Painting gives me incredible fulfilment.

Creating good quality, original artwork whilst sharing your memories, and helping to improve the lives of others is my passion. It will always be at the heart of my creativity.

I aspire to be part of a journey to creating a better world through my art, making it a happier, more colourful place to be! 

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It means a lot to me to be able to do this and a huge thank you to those people who have helped support me so far, you will know who you are! 

Niki :) 


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I donate directly to Resurge Africa via 

Ava's Attic is on youtubeclick on link below.

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