Who are ReSurge Africa?

"At ReSurge Africa, we train and empower medical staff working in some of the poorest countries to perform reconstructive surgery and creating a brighter future for the huge number of children and adults affected by debilitating and disfiguring injuries and birth defects.

Many charities provide valuable medical Missions to Africa, but their impact is measured in weeks and months. At ReSurge Africa, we want to deliver lasting change; to establish a self-sustaining reconstructive surgery and burns services in West Africa. Through the training and empowering of surgeons, nurses, Physiotherapists, Anaesthetists and other clinical staff and the creation of much needed infrastructure and facilities, eventually these units will operate independently without the need for overseas aid of any kind".    

Please click on the link: - resurgeafrica.org to find out more.

Raising funds for Dermatomes


Ava's Attic is raising funds for Dermatome machines.

 I will be donating 20% of profits from my artwork sales directly

to ReSurge Africa. Alternatively please follow this link to make a donation yourself www.justgiving.com/resurgeafrica

ReSurge Africa Current Updates  

Great News! - Help me keep this amazing work going.

ReSurge Africa had the first two surgeons from Sierra Leonne return fully trained in summer 2021 !

Mr Odhran Shelley, ReSurge Africa Chairman, said "It will be a lot of work for them, so the UK teams are currently busy trying to develop services to support them and to help them carry out their work. It has taken 7 - 8 years of surgical training to get the first two surgeons trained".

This is such a wonderful achievement for all!

You can see how things are progressing on the charities Facebook page or visit resurgeafrica.org

I will be working on a Newsletter in the near future and any current news about this charity will be on the Newsletter, however, it has been a very busy few years for me, not just Artwork, but with personal and family commitments, so please bear with me and please keep checking back on my site.